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The book is nearly finished.  We have the final pages to approve, we have a front cover, back cover and ISBN number.  It’s exciting as very soon I will receive the first few copies.  I already have some pre-orders on  and a few schools ordering.

It’s now time to make the most of the last few weeks of the summer together before, (so long as lockdown doesn’t re-instate), school restarts in September.


We have just spent a lovely 4 day break in a secluded cottage on the coast near Scarborough.  A much welcomed break from home and seeing the sea was just sublime.  The boys loved it, love the sea and we all had a right laugh.  It’s so good to see and hear the sea again.

We had no iPads for the trip and it was great to hear them laughing, chatting, giggling and having fun.  Each morning they would play cards and have a laugh before we descended on the beach for fun and frolics in the sea.  It has made us look at how we can limit iPad usage, whilst not stopping it altogether but having a more balanced approach. Tech is good, and is the future but when attitudes change and focus from normal life disappears it’s not good.  It’s that age old dilemma of getting the balance right. How have you managed to find the right balance?

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