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I am going to be an author !

Watch this space.

Shortly after adopting, and having attending a Safebase Training programme, we realised that many of the books about adoption to help children process just what is going on with them, were aimed at younger children than ours.  They were either too simplified or didn’t resonate with our boys.

As a result, I sat down with the husband and we brainstormed some characters and a rough story we thought the boys would love.  I left this for a while and then revisited it some 6 months later. I then had to stop and deal with the cancer diagnosis, the intense treatment and stem cell transplant so my heart was elsewhere.

Two years on and I have been using this time to get back into writing and I love it.  I entered a competition with Fi&Books, and have won a competition to finally get my book published!


We are currently working through the editing process and will then move on to working with an amazing illustrator.  I can’t wait to see this come to life and to be able to share this with you.

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