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The book is coming soon!

As I mentioned previously, I have won a competition to have my book published.  Right now it’s so exciting as the text has been edited,  locked and loaded and now I am working page by page with the illustrator.  It’s absolutely amazing to start seeing it come to life.

The book follows two off-road bikes in their search for a new race team.  It is our boys adoption story and one which will resonate with many adopted children.  The book allows parents, carers, teachers and children to explore not only the adoption process and the impact of adoption but the feelings and emotions that can come with such changes and losses.

Image 02-06-2020 at 10.57
Image 02-06-2020 at 10.55

I will be developing a series of books that allow children of 4-8 years old to explore situations or feelings they may face and allow them to explore this with adults.  This will not just be adoption related.  I would welcome any input on subjects and topics that you have found your children either struggle with or have struggled with in the past.  Feel free to contact me as I’d love your input.

We have 9 pages to go and then final proofs before the first run of books will be printed.  I will share more information at that time but for now feel free to give the following socials a like and a follow.  I would really appreciate it.

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