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We did it …. again !

Today we tied the knot for the second time.  9.5 years ago we got married and today after having been together for 22 years we just converted our civil partnership to a full marriage.

Why? I hear you ask.  Well it was the other half who came up with the idea.  Not for us but for us all and this includes the boys.  They are going to have enough of a tough time and as we know kids can be cruel, finding any which way they can to have a dig at each other.  We wanted one less reason for this and instead of double-barrelling our names we wanted to have one family name.  Not that we have anything against double-barrelled names, before anyone objects, we just felt it right on this journey and for the boys. One family name, one identity.

My husband surprised me on his birthday in October and looked up and said he thinks we should take my name.  I burst into tears , surprise surprise.  So that’s it we are done.  One more part of the many steps towards being a family unit.  No celebrating for us just yet today though.  That bottle of fizz will have to be on hold until tonight as I don’t it’s appropriate to be smelling of booze when the social workers and foster carers arrive today.

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